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söndag 2 oktober 2016


In june 2016 I visited Mallorca with my family. A very nice island with fantastic nature and some exotic birds.

Watercolours on Arches paper:
Little bittern (38*58 cm)
Little bittern (19*29 cm)
Night heron (28*38 cm)
Purple swamphen (28*38 cm)
Woodshat shrike (19*29 cm)
Red-legged partridge (58*38 cm)
Little egret (28*38 cm)


Late summer and autumn means time for nice waders here in southern Sweden. New inspiration for my watercolour paintings.
Watercolours on Arches paper:
Red knot (58*38 cm)
Red knots (58*38 cm)
Grey plover (58*38 cm)
Bar-tailed godwit (58*38 cm)

måndag 13 juni 2016

Spring Birds

The spring in Southern Sweden has been both unusually cold in April and hot and dry in May. As ususal, the birdwatching has been frequent. Itś the best time of the year I think. A lot of nice birds visit our part of Southern Sweden. The watercolour paintings below are:
Hökuggla, Northern Hawk-Owl (38*58 cm), Vita storkar, White Storks(58*38 cm), Blåhake, Bluethroat(19*28 cm), Rödstjärt , Redtart (38*28 cm), Rödstjärt, Redstart (28*38 cm) Storspov , Eurasian Curlew(58*38 cm) och Sånglärka , Skylark (19*28 cm).
The Norther Hawk-Owl will be a part of the yearly  Society of Animal Artists (SAA) exhibition that starts in Houston, Texas in September.