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söndag 21 september 2014

Birds in Art September 5-7, 2014

I have now been selected nine times for Birds in Art at the Woodson Art Museum in Wausau Wisconsin. I visited the opening weekends in 2011 nd 2012 and this year I returned back. As usual it was a fantastic experience. Than you all!

tisdag 4 februari 2014


November 15 – 23 I went to Tanzania for a safari trip.
It was my first time in Tanzania, although I had visited Africa before (Gambia and Morocco).
My main goal was naturally to see as many mammals and birds as possible and to collect a lot of reference material for paintings. I saw about 240 bird species and 34 mammal species.
Highlights of the trip were Tarangire´s rich nature with about 200 elephants seen.
A total of 75 lions seen during the trip, some of them very close to the car ( e.g. a lion pair walking on a grass wall just about 2-3 meters away from us in the Ngorongoro crater).
 Five cheetahs, two Leopards and two Black rhinos etc, etc…
I have now started with some watercolour paintings and more will come, and perhaps also some oil paintings.
“This is hot” (watercol. on Arches paper 58*38 cm)
“Fishers lovebird” (watercol. on Arches paper 38*58 cm)
“Can you spot the hyena?” (watercol. on Arches paper 58*38 cm)
“The big boss” (watercol. on Arches paper 58*38 cm)
“Do not disturb” (watercol. on Arches paper 58*38 cm)