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söndag 2 oktober 2016


In june 2016 I visited Mallorca with my family. A very nice island with fantastic nature and some exotic birds.

Watercolours on Arches paper:
Little bittern (38*58 cm)
Little bittern (19*29 cm)
Night heron (28*38 cm)
Purple swamphen (28*38 cm)
Woodshat shrike (19*29 cm)
Red-legged partridge (58*38 cm)
Little egret (28*38 cm)


Late summer and autumn means time for nice waders here in southern Sweden. New inspiration for my watercolour paintings.
Watercolours on Arches paper:
Red knot (58*38 cm)
Red knots (58*38 cm)
Grey plover (58*38 cm)
Bar-tailed godwit (58*38 cm)

måndag 13 juni 2016

Spring Birds

The spring in Southern Sweden has been both unusually cold in April and hot and dry in May. As ususal, the birdwatching has been frequent. Itś the best time of the year I think. A lot of nice birds visit our part of Southern Sweden. The watercolour paintings below are:
Hökuggla, Northern Hawk-Owl (38*58 cm), Vita storkar, White Storks(58*38 cm), Blåhake, Bluethroat(19*28 cm), Rödstjärt , Redtart (38*28 cm), Rödstjärt, Redstart (28*38 cm) Storspov , Eurasian Curlew(58*38 cm) och Sånglärka , Skylark (19*28 cm).
The Norther Hawk-Owl will be a part of the yearly  Society of Animal Artists (SAA) exhibition that starts in Houston, Texas in September.

söndag 20 september 2015

Painting waders

Here in southern Sweden we have a lot of waders along the coast (e.g. migrating waders from Siberia) and some common breeding species inland at field and meadows (e.g the Lapwing and the Eurasian curlew). Waders are always nice to use in artworks. But they can be difficult to handle. Their long legs and elongated body makes them sometimes "unbalanced". So, the anatomy is important to learn before you start.. 
Watercolour paintings below; from the top:
Bar-tailed Godwit 58*38 cm
Bar-tailed Godwits 58*38 cm
Avocet sketch 20*30 cm
Lapwing 58*30 cm
Eurasian curlews 58*38 cm
Avocets 38*58 cm

söndag 21 september 2014

Birds in Art September 5-7, 2014

I have now been selected nine times for Birds in Art at the Woodson Art Museum in Wausau Wisconsin. I visited the opening weekends in 2011 nd 2012 and this year I returned back. As usual it was a fantastic experience. Than you all!

tisdag 4 februari 2014


November 15 – 23 I went to Tanzania for a safari trip.
It was my first time in Tanzania, although I had visited Africa before (Gambia and Morocco).
My main goal was naturally to see as many mammals and birds as possible and to collect a lot of reference material for paintings. I saw about 240 bird species and 34 mammal species.
Highlights of the trip were Tarangire´s rich nature with about 200 elephants seen.
A total of 75 lions seen during the trip, some of them very close to the car ( e.g. a lion pair walking on a grass wall just about 2-3 meters away from us in the Ngorongoro crater).
 Five cheetahs, two Leopards and two Black rhinos etc, etc…
I have now started with some watercolour paintings and more will come, and perhaps also some oil paintings.
“This is hot” (watercol. on Arches paper 58*38 cm)
“Fishers lovebird” (watercol. on Arches paper 38*58 cm)
“Can you spot the hyena?” (watercol. on Arches paper 58*38 cm)
“The big boss” (watercol. on Arches paper 58*38 cm)
“Do not disturb” (watercol. on Arches paper 58*38 cm)

fredag 8 november 2013

New paintings from 2013: Female Eiders, Pig and rooster, Greylag Goose, Barn Swalloows (all watercolour on Arches paper and Female Eider (graphite and watercol.on Bristol Board). The graphite drawing was my first attempt to depict a bird with gtraphite pencils. Maybe ther wil be more drawings/paintings like this in the future.

tisdag 9 april 2013

Mammals and birds in my art

Sometimes I like to mix mammals and birds in my art. These two paintings are from late summer 2012. A red bull with barn swallows (both watercol. on Arches paper 38*58 cm)

torsdag 15 november 2012

More Wisconsin birds

American goldfich (Watercol. on Arches paper 28*38 cm)

Blue Jay (Watercol. on Arches paper 38*28 cm)

Sora and turtles (Karolinasumphöna och sköldpaddor)

Back from the Birds in Art weekend I started to paintWisconsin birds again. From the trip to W Mead area Sep 9 with the Wausau birder Dan Belter I had some reference photos of soras. We saw about 30 of them walking on water lillies close to the road. Back home I painted one of them. (Watercolour on Arches paper (58*38 cm)